PMI Inland Northwest Chapter

Get Involved with PMI

Get Involved with PMI

The Inland Northwest chapter is a non-profit organization staffed completely by volunteer members like YOU! All the benefits we enjoy are made possible by volunteer leaders and members. We invite you to join us.

Overall Benefits include:

  • Make key contacts within the project management community & expand your professional network.
  • Take on a challenge to improve your skills and learn new skills in a safe, welcoming environment.
  • Show your passion & commitment for the profession and the community.
  • Impress hiring managers; they value volunteer experience.
  • Learn new project management skills.
  • Polish skills you already have, such as leadership, speaking, writing and others.
  • Fill gaps in your resume.
  • Earn PDUs! One volunteer hour equals one PDU.
  • Have fun working with inspiring, exhilarating team members.

How much time is required?

Volunteer opportunities range from short-term commitments, such as a few hours in a single month, to long-term committee lead roles, such as Board and Director positions. You will find many different opportunities available in each of our many focus areas. For an example, volunteer roles for Professional Development Day range from core team responsibilities that are a six to nine-month long commitment to shorter-term positions throughout the year and event “day of” positions that span only two to three hours on event day.

Ready to join us and get involved?

Please fill out the following survey to let us know more: PMIINW Volunteer Survey

PMIINW Chapter Board

Every two years, approximately half of the Chapter Board turns over. In accordance with our bi-laws board members can only serve two consecutive terms on the board in the same role or three consecutive terms on the board in general without taking a two-year break. After the 2-year break, they can return to the board. 

PMIINW has the following board positions:

  • President, current term ends December 2023
  • VP of Education, current term ends December 2024
  • VP of Finance, current term ends December 2024 
  • VP of Marketing, current term ends December 2023
  • VP of Membership, current term ends December 2023
  • VP of Operations, current term ends December 2023
  • VP of Programs, current term ends December 2024
  • VP of Technology, current term ends December 2024

Terms follow the common calendar year (January to December). If you are interested in learning more about any of these positions, please complete this short survey and let us know: PMIINW Volunteer Survey

Contact Us

Send questions or payments to:
PMI Inland Northwest Chapter
PO Box 694
Veradale, WA 99037-0694

To pay for events, make checks payable to PMIINW. Checks must be postmarked by posted deadlines for each event.